About Us

 New Pioneer Comics are comics written by Andrew M. Jackson, and illustrated by many talented collaborators.  

Our flagship title, HALFWORLD: THE NEW PIONEERS, is a sci-fi cyberpunk series about half the earth being destroyed, and the survivors rallying together to save it.

MAGGIE CULPEPPER: NEW PIONEER, illustrated by Gregory Woronchak, is a modern-day story about how half the earth gets destroyed.

EVERYMAN, illustrated by Todor Hristov: This just-released short comic is about an encounter between a drifter and a mechanic in a desert service station.

BENJAMIN MAYFAIR IS OUT THERE! A young man embarks on a journey into the unknown, all alone.  He has a gun, a stick and no coffee, how can he survive?  Part of the Tales of New Pioneers series. Lavishly illustrated by Emily Pearson.